New DirecTV Packages & Bundles across the US

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The best way to enjoy your favorite movie shows, and sports, including live football with NFL Sunday Ticket, is to use a DirecTV kit. Now that DirecTV is part of the AT & T family, you can stream everything on your phone and virtually anywhere. Or stream it to your home with a package from one of our high-speed Internet partners. And of course, you can enjoy everything on your big screen with the perfect DirecTV package.

DirecTV Channel Guide

  • Get the first three months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME and Cinemax services at no extra charge with SELECT via ULTIMATE Packages. After 3 months, services are maintained at the current rate except if you call to change cancel. You must select an offer.
  • Get a NFL Sunday Ticket 2019 included at no extra charge. With the choice package or higher. The subscription is automatically renewed each season at the current rate (currently $293.94 / season) unless you call to cancel before the start of the season. You must select an offer. All DirecTV offers require 24 months. An early cancellation fee of $20/month.
  • FOR EACH MONTH REMAINING ON AGMT $19.95 ACTIVATION, EQUIPMENT ADJUSTMENT, AND REIMBURSEMENT FEES APPLY. New approved residential client only (equipment rental agreement required). Credit card required (except MA & PA).
  • International programming like HBO Latino, KBS World.
DirecTV Channels Guide

Compare DirecTV Packages and Offers

  • With six packages to choose from and a multitude of add-ons, DirecTV has the perfect option for you. Get tons of exclusive content like NFL Sunday Ticket. Plus, enjoy premium networks like HBO® at no extra charge for three months with the SELECT™ plan and more. And remember, you can have it all with the PREMIER package, which includes more than 45 premium movie channels and more than 35 specialty sports networks.
  • With DirecTV bundles, you can add all the specialized programming you want. Add Latino programming with EN ESPANOL or complete your package with the NFL Sunday Ticket range. Whether you are a football enthusiast or cosmopolitan bilingual, DirecTV allows you to add the programming of your choice at an affordable price.
  • Professional sports supplements
  • International add-ons
  • Get more for your money

DirecTV Channel Plans

Whether you’re looking for the best value for money or the latest entertainment of its kind, DirecTV has the package for you. Each package offered from CHOICE to PREMIER comes with various alignments and upgrades so you can customize it to your needs. Visit our Packages page to learn more about what DirecTV has to offer. The all-inclusive package includes monthly fees for a high-definition digital recorder.

SELECT All Inclusive Package starting at $35/plus taxes. For 12 months with 24 months after automatic credit. $81/month in months 13-24 (subject to change).

Receive the first three months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME and Cinemax services at no extra charge With SELECT via ULTIMATE Packages. After 3 months, services are maintained at current rates ($53.99/month) unless you call to change or cancel. You must select an offer.

$19.95 ACTIVATION, QUICK TERMINATION FEE OF $20/MONTH. FOR EACH MONTH REMAINING ON AGMT. THE FEES FOR RETURN AND ADDITION OF THE EQUIPMENT APPLY. Price incl. SELECT All TV equipment included monthly service and equipment. Charge for 1 HD DVR and is after $5/month. Automatic and paperless invoice discount for 12 months with pay of $45/month + taxes until the start of the discount with 3 invoices. New approved residential customers only (equipment lease required). Credit card required(except MA & PA).

Everlasting Benefits when you prefer the Selective Package

With more than 150 channels and add-ons like EN ESPANOL available, HD DVR entertainment options are sure to be there. With the Genie HD DVR, included at no extra cost, SELECT is hard to beat.

  • More than 155 channels
  • Genie HD recorder included

Watch TV anywhere with DirecTV Application

The DirecTV app lets you watch your favorite shows and channels on the move from any web-enabled device. This means you can use your phone and tablet to stream live TV and control your DVR from the palm of your hand. DirecTV apps for your phone and tablet content/channels/feature vary.

The available programming varies according to the choice of the package. Not available for all channels. Standard programming fees apply.

With DirecTV technology, you’ll enjoy 99% worry-free signal reliability. You will never be out of range like cable, because of the mobility and flexibility of DirecTV equipment. And do not forget that your equipment comes with the included Standard Professional installation.

  • 99% signal reliability without worry
  • National service
  • Take control of your visual experience

The Genie remote control leverages the ergonomic benefits of modern design to provide you with the ultimate TV experience. Fewer buttons mean a smaller design, which translates into better functionality. Plus, in RF mode, you do not even need to direct it directly to your DVR or TV. No need to sit in your bed to change channels.

  • Faster response times
  • Smaller size, fewer buttons
  • Does not require pointing in RF mode
DirecTV App

Discover the range of XTRA ALL INCLUDED packet channels

The most popular DirecTV package, XTRA, offers more entertainment for the whole family.

See why the DirecTV XTRA package is requested

An HD DVR powers your entire home. This means that the XTRA package allows you to watch great shows on your favorite channels. With over 230 channels and extensions like EN ESPANOL, you’ll understand why XTRA is the most popular DirecTV package.

  • 235+ channels and more
  • Genie HD DVR included
  • Discover the CHOICE
  • Range of chains

Choice Package for Travelling

You’ll enjoy more movies with channels like IFC and more entertainment with deals like Travel Channel. Plus, you’ll get more network sports like NBC and Fox in the DirecTV CHOICE Package.

With CHOICE package or more. The subscription is automatically renewed each season at the current rate (currently $293.94/season), unless you call to cancel before the start of the season. You must select an offer. All DirecTV Offers require 24 months. Early cancellation fee of $20/month. For each month remaining on AGMT. $19.95 ACTIVATION, EQUIPMENT ADJUSTMENT, AND ADDITION FEES APPLY. New approved residential customers only (equipment lease required). Credit card required (except MA & PA).

The CHOICE package is eligible for the advanced Genie DVR, which means more options for relaxing, and enjoying. Additionally, there are 185 channels and extensions like EN ESPAÑOL™. From this, you’ll understand why DirecTV is always a better choice than cable.

  • More than 185 channels with CHOICE package
  • Genie® HD DVR included

Watch your favorite shows and channels on the go from any web-enabled device with the DirecTV app. Stream TV, control your DVR and TV settings and watch on-demand programming anywhere with the DirecTV app. Cut the cord and choose DirecTV today.

  • DirecTV applications for your phone and tablet
  • Watch on-demand programming and stream Live TV on online
  • Control settings on your DVR and your TV

Discover the range of ULTIMATE ALL INCLUDED package chains

ULTIMATE, the package for moviegoers, offers moviegoers like IFC and Sundance TV, as well as movie chains such as the entire Encore® family. With the ULTIMATE package, you’ll get everything from independent darlings to the latest blockbusters.

Find out why movie buffs like DirecTV ULTIMATE

With the DirecTV ULTIMATE pack, get a Genie® HD digital recorder at no extra cost. An HD DVR powers your entire home. Watch movies on demand or browse the latest movies from your couch or bed.

DirecTV Movies

With more than 245 channels and 3 months of premium channels such as HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME® and CINEMAX® included at no extra cost, you’ll never miss a thing.

  • 250 or more channels.
  • Genie® HD DVR included.

Ask How to access TV, Internet, and Phone with DirecTV offers

Get together today and take pleasure in DirecTV’s continuous TV, high-speed Internet, and AT&T phone. And when you combine your services today, you can choose to enjoy the convenience. a billing statement, while taking advantage of the 2019 NFL Sunday Ticket available at no additional cost with the CHOICE™ package and later. No other television provider offers this level of entertainment combined with the convenience of high-speed Internet and phone at such affordable prices.

Get a 2019 NFL Sunday network and ticket available at no extra cost. With the CHOICE package or higher. The subscription is automatically renewed each season at the current rate (currently $293.94/season) unless you call to cancel before the start of the season. You must select an offer. ALL DirecTV OFFERS REQUIRE 24 MONTHS. An early cancellation fee of $20/month. FOR EACH MONTH REMAINING ON AGMT. $19.95 ACTIVATION, EQUIPMENT ADJUSTMENT, AND ADDITION FEES APPLY. New approved residential customers only (equipment lease required). Credit card required (except MA & PA).

Get everything you need from DirecTV and stay connected with AT&T Phone. Stay in touch with your distant friends and family in the comfort of your home and have fun with up to four TVs installed at home with DirecTV’s Genie® HD DVR upgrade offer.

More than 25 features, including Locate Me, Caller ID and Call Waiting.

An HD DVR Powers your Entire Home

Save when you bundle TV and Internet services from DirecTV and AT&T. You’ll enjoy ultra-fast Internet access with speeds up to 75 Mbps(if you have one), and enjoy the convenience an invoice and an account identifier for all your services. Plus, when you combine AT&T Internet with DirecTV apps, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows anywhere and record on mobile data when you stream live TV or on-demand shows to your home.

  • Speeds up to 100 Mbps(available only in some areas).
  • Limited availability in some areas. May not be available in your area. Call or visit to find out if you qualify.
  • 1 account identifier.

Bundled offers of the DirecTV

DirecTV Bundles are essential packages that allow you to receive multiple related services from the same provider. This is the best option for the business as well as for the consumer, making it easy to stay connected. You can get uninterrupted and faster Internet access from partners in your area of residence. This also brings a better quality of service.

DirecTV is one of the best cable TV alternatives. Those who have already tried the service will find it hard to get away from it. Even the lowest package comes with an impressive list of channels, and if you are not satisfied, you always have the option to add more, or update. The fact is that DirecTV has the right package to meet the viewing preferences of many types of consumers. On-demand titles include those from networks such as HBO®, SHOWTIME, Cinemax and STARZ.

A DirecTV package would give you about 350 channels or more. If you buy a bundled Internet offer, you’ll get service from one of AT&T’s partners. The company also offers an unlimited data plan for users of mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, and is a hit with young consumers. For more details on this offer, you should check the official website. Call a re-seller on the most interesting offers from DirecTV.

Advantages of DirecTV Optimal Mass Package

DirecTV is one of the leading providers of satellite television services that provides the highest definition of the television image. It is available to more than 20 million customers in the US and more than 19 million customers in Latin America and Caribbean.

Every day, DirecTV subscribers enjoy,

  • 100% digital quality and sound,
  • Industry-leading customer service,
  • Technological superiority including advanced DVR and HD DVR services,
  • Award-winning technology such as Control Plus™, and the
  • Most comprehensive coverage of the most important events, leagues and sports packages provided with the interactive functions that only DirecTV can provide.

The DirecTV Benefits Platform is available to customers. Inside, users will be able to navigate in the different highlighted tabs of programming, guides, and tips of use for a better experience, contests, and special events. In addition, depending on the category assigned to the user, this may have a host of benefits and discounts in recognized locations.

Are you interested in including channels in Spanish on your TVs at home? The optimal DirecTV package may be your best option. This is one of the company’s largest Internet services and TV throughout the US. It is usually preferred by families speaking Spanish because it offers opportunities that have a “bilingual” service, taking you to your preferred channels of Latin America while enjoying English programming of movies, series and news that we know you enjoy watching.

What is the Optimal Package for DirecTV Users?

This is a special package of channels, with which you can enjoy different Latin programming. Is the second of 4 large packages that DirecTV offers for these channels and is the most sought after because it has a very affordable monthly promotional price that everyone can afford.

The optimal package of DirecTV includes:

  • More than 200 channels in total
  • Approximately 70 channels 100% in Spanish
  • About 120 channels in English
  • DirecTV HD DVR Receiver
  • Free installation of your equipment
  • Free special channels for 3 months

Why is it Worth this Package?

It is the most optimal DirecTV package in Spanish that has an exclusive promotional price and is even cheaper than the previous package. Comparing both, the first, called “Mas Latino”, which has 125 channels in total, while the Optimo Mas has more than 200 channels, with the Most Latino package 20 dollars more expensive.

This can be a great opportunity for you to enjoy this great discount, although it is important that you consider that, according to DirecTV regulations, the service at this price is only offered for 12 months and then after that time you will have a higher price again not promotional.

The advantage is that you can cancel your service after 12 months if you do not feel satisfied.

Complete Detail about DirecTV

After thinking about it a lot, you chose to go with a satellite television provider, instead of deciding on a cable company or a streaming service or live television broadcast. And now you may wonder:

The programming packages looks similar, but there are still some serious differences between them. If you are looking for details on how to subscribe to each service, you are in the right place, because we have made this practical guide to offer you a detailed summary of each service, and how they compare in terms of specialized content, hardware, and prices.

First of all, this is what you will get by going normally:

  1. Approximate 300 channels are accessible and 200 will be in HD Quality.
  2. Access to local broadcast programming
  3. Support 4K Ultra HD

That is pretty common, but there are advantages to choosing one over the other, depending on your preferences, especially if you’re a sports fan.

An important difference between the services is the channel options included in their sports packages, specifically those that are outside the domain of the Disney ESPN series of channels. Both providers also include common pay-TV options, such as Fox Sports and NFL Red Zone, the latter of which offers a commercial way of seeing the scoring plays of each NFL team that plays a game every Sunday.

When it comes to sports, exclusive sports packages include monopoly of NFL Sunday Ticket, which includes all the games of the regular season of the NFL, regardless of the area where you are. That is a very important point in favor of DirecTV. On the other hand, it is worth noting that each of these packages provides additional add-ons to your base channel package, and they are quite expensive.

Best Ever Language Services

Finally, the languages that each service admits vary a lot. Dish supports 29 different languages, from Spanish and Italian to Tagalog and Urdu. DirecTV offers only eight options, including Spanish, Brazilian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Filipino, Vietnamese and South Asian. In this case, both admit Spanish and English, so most of our readers will not have any problem with it.

In general, DirecTV support for NFL Sunday Ticket tips the scales in favor of albeit at an additional cost for its subscription. Unless you have a specific language that is only available on Dish, those who search for the most content will want to use DirecTV.

Hardware Used in DirecTV

We have included this practical table so that you can compare the hardware specifications of the two services, side by side, and then we will go into detail.

When comparing the transmission boxes and DVRs DirecTV, the main advantage is the recording capacity. You will have to pay a monthly rental fee and supplementary fees for various DVR services, but what those additional services are exactly, and the amount of storage capacity available, differs between each. We explain below.

Ordinary VS Genie

Ordinary HD DVR can record up to 500 hours of HD content or 2,000 hours of SD content for a monthly fee of $12. That’s more than double the DirecTV Genie storage, which offers 200 hours of HD programming or 800 hours of SD programming for a monthly fee of $15. In addition, internal storage in these types can be extended with USB storage devices, which could push it far beyond its 2 TB base unit, while DirecTV’s Genie remains in static 1 TB.

The ordinary DVR and Genie also offer different sets of features and functions. Ordinary DVR includes automatic omission of commercials for selected content after 24 hours, and support for applications that include Netflix, YouTube, The Weather Channel, Game Finder, and Dish Music, which includes Amazon Music, Pandora , iHeartRadio, Sirius XM, TIDAL and Napster. For its part, DirecTV’s Genie supports image-in-picture mode, and even offers home security options when combined with AT&T’s service.

Both decoders have support for voice control, with Amazon Alexa available on DirecTV. On the other hand, DirecTV has an advantage, since its hardware is also compatible with the Google Assistant, which makes it a winner for Android users and those who prefer the Google ecosystem.

Difference between their Functions

There is also a difference in the number of simultaneous devices and transmissions compatible with the two DVR boxes, as well as in the mobile viewing options. Ordinary DVR allows you to connect up to seven televisions in a single house and up to 16 simultaneous recordings and allows mobile viewing of DVR content on Mac and Windows computers, iOS devices and Android devices, including Kindle.

DirecTV’s Genie, on the other hand, allows a maximum of eight televisions, but only supports five simultaneous recordings. While the Genie also features mobile viewing features and supports all the same devices as the Hopper, it requires mobile devices to connect to the same WiFi network as your receiver to view the contents of the DVR.

DirecTV Genie offers picture-in-picture, and this goes even further with MultiView, which offers the ability to split the screen into quadrants, each with its own live, recorded or even on-demand content.

While DirecTV has a number of additional features, in addition to home security options with AT&T service.

DirecTV has a more competitive entry-level package, which is the advantage when it comes to mid-level packages. Both first levels of packages are practically the same, although it is more likely that the special offers and promotions of each company determine your purchase decision.

What is DirecTV Prepaid?

It is a satellite TV system without a contract with coverage throughout Puerto Rico, with excellent audio and video quality.  To enjoy the best entertainment you just have to purchase the Prepaid Kit at all Wal-Mart stores and it is located in the electronics area.

Easy to Install

The installation is very easy and the kit includes everything necessary for the installation and enjoyment of the service. You must follow the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is to locate the appropriate area free of obstacles for the installation of the antenna using the compass provided in the Kit.
  • You can also use the address of DirecTV antennas of your neighbors as a reference. Then you must install the base and mast to the roof or wall of your residence.
  • It is important that the mast is level as indicated in the installation manual available in the Kit.
  • The next step is to install the arm to the antenna and adjust it with the screws provided.
  • Then you must install one end of the cable to the LNB, passing it inside the arm.

Finally, you must make sure that the antenna is at the correct elevation, install the other end of the coaxial cable in your decoder and begin to locate the signal by moving the antenna from left to right as indicated in the installation manual. Once you get an optimal signal you should set the antenna and start enjoying DirecTV programming packages.

Easy to Recharge

You will have the opportunity to easily recharge your programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as recharging a cell phone, without needing a credit card, for a unique television experience.

To enjoy the best entertainment you just have to recharge your favorite programming with plans from less than $ 18 available in all Wal-Mart stores and located in the electronics area.

Other Exclusive Benefits:

  • The DirecTV Kit comes with 15 days FREE Ultra Programming valued at $ 30 this plan has the greatest variety in programming.
  • DirecTV has the exclusive channel On DirecTV 161 with exclusive productions, sports, concerts, movies, and series for the whole family.
  • If you need information about programming plans, recharge, and others, access to the Channel 100 – exclusive consultation tool for our prepaid customers.

Genie HD DVR Works for your Entire Home

Your TV service is much better with Genie HD DVR. Start watching a program in a room, pause it and finish watching it in another room. All members of your family can enjoy all their favorite shows, live or recorded, in any room, with a single HD DVR. Genie allows you to record five programs at once and provides with all the functions of an HD DVR on every TV in your home, even outdoors. Consider your television wishes granted.

  1. 4K Content and Free update to Genie.
  2. DirecTV On Demand free, which is DirecTV’s streaming service with hundreds of movies.
  3. Free professional installation & price guarantee for one year with a contract.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the differences in price guarantees. The dish is much more transparent in terms of what its packages cost and for how long, while the DirecTV service has a significant increase in cost after one year. That easily gives Dish the victory.

Viability of the Signal

The satellites of Dish Network and DirecTV are in geosynchronous orbit around Earth, so they remain in a fixed position in the southern area for those located in North America. However, the satellites are relatively close together, so a single tree or building between the mounting location of your satellite dish and the line of sight of the satellites could prevent one service, or the signals from the other, from reaching you, which may force you to choose the service that is not blocked where you are. If you are concerned that this might be a problem, ask a representative of your preferred provider to come to your home to verify the viability of the signal.

Is it Worth to Hire DirecTV?

DirecTV is a company that performs satellite television services, offering HD quality, and many television channels. These are the main advantages and disadvantages of DirecTV:

Advantages of DirecTV:

  1. It has a special service called DirecTV Sports where they transmit sports news. They also broadcast special editions regard sports tournaments, such as the Grand Slams of Tennis, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and the US Open. For example the editions of the Olympic Games, among other important or important sporting events. When this happens, they have several channels to see more details of the competition.
  2. It has 40 channels where they only transmit music to listen, where several important and known radios are included.
  3. It has around 105 TV channels included without buying any extra package. These include the History and the Discovery Network. Among the best known related to documentaries, there are also children’s channels, sports channels, where they broadcast movies and also series, and novels.
  4. It allows you to view some channels in HD, as long as you pay for this service. When this is done, DirecTV is also giving us an aggregate that is 3D, since it is incorporated with HD. But it should be noted that to be able to visualize a 3-dimensional program, you must have a TV with Full HD 3D capability and 3D glasses.
  5. It allows recording the programming until a certain time as long as we have the PLUS service. This is very interesting because we can record some program that we cannot see at that moment so we can see it in another opportunity.
  6. One of the most excellent advantages offered by DirecTV is that it allows you to search for keywords to find a particular program that we are looking for and that we cannot find. When we type a keyword, DirecTV will look for it in the titles of the programs and also in the descriptions of them.


For those who have concerns about price, storage capacity and price transparency, DirecTV Network will probably be the good choice. The exclusive NFL package on DirecTV will undoubtedly attract the attention of sports fans who do not want to miss a game of their favorite team. Keep in mind that, if you do not want to invest in installation and equipment fees, contact to the best authorized dealer through 866-573-0924 across the US.

DirecTV Now is a more traditional experience, which resembles a midpoint between traditional satellite television and a Netflix style interface. None offers a large number of channels of the satellite offers of any of the companies, but they are much cheaper and more flexible, even offering some free programming.

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