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The Movie Mania

This Halloween, DirecTV has decided to go full in horror mode on the people by telecasting the classic and traditional Halloween movies for the Celtic festival that is taking over certain countries of the world. Starting from the movie “Halloween” that was released in nineteen seventy-eight up until the movie IT by Stephen King(the novel turned movie) that was released last year, DirecTV is all set to plan out the telecasting and the screencast of the movies all month long! DirecTV has got the perfect package for Halloween nights that will entertain the people that will push them to the edges of their seats with the scary and gory scenes from the movies that are telecasted by DirecTV.

DirecTV is an international television station which can be subscribed through ZacXo, the online and newly appointed authorized and official dealer of DirecTV through whom you can subscribe to DirecTV and watch the movies and get along with the movie mania season with DirecTV and DirecTV Now.

For the new Halloween festival of 2018, DirecTV has decided to air some of the movies on demand that belong to a higher class of package. There are television packages that are available from dollar thirty-five with DirecTV where you can stream live in online, binge, and watch more than sixty-five channels plus on the packages.

The Base Packages and the Subscriptions

The base packages start from a range of dollar forty at DirecTV Now and the Halloween horror specials are airing on-demand channels that are available for five dollars per month if you subscribe to the base package. The actual dealing of that when you subscribe to the base packages, the premium channels such as HBO, Starz, Showtime, AMC, Cinemax are only available to the free trial for three months in the base package. But as for the Halloween special, the movies that are airing are Halloween, Annabelle, IT, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, The Conjuring 2, Jeepers creepers, The Omen and Carrie all of these movies are being unfolded at AMC, HBO on demand.

DirecTV Halloween Packages

So the three channels are HBO, AMC, and TNT that airs the Halloween special movies which you can actually rent at only dollar five or dollar eight according to the channel description and watch the latest and the Halloween specials that trigger up the gore effect of Halloween trends inside you or you can upgrade your channel package by logging on to your DirecTV account if you are already a subscriber.

For the new subscribers, Halloween channels and movies are being telecasted in the channels AMC, HBO and TNT on demand which you can upgrade by selecting the package description on your personalized account. If you do not have these channels in your existing television package, all you need to do is simple. You can rent these specials playing channels at just five to eight dollars per month just to get in the lingo and fun of the Halloween nights and specials.

The step by step tutorial

  • What you need to do is just simply sign in to your DirecTV account with a supported browser like Chrome or Mozilla or whatever browser that is supported by your network.
  • Go to your account details, when you reach that page, you will be looking and the billing cycles of the month and the package plan that you have selected.
  • Select the option ‘manage my plan’ and view all the available packages with premium channels.
  • Your current plan will be highlighted in the account information that you view. Just click on the highlighted plan by the system itself.
  • After clicking on the highlighted plan, you will get an upgraded sign with which you can just upgrade your plan by paying just five to eight dollars per month and watch all the exciting Halloween movies that are airing at HBO on-demand in DirecTV.

What is so special about Halloween, why is DirecTV celebrating Halloween with rest of the festive induced activities?

Halloween is a tradition that is originated from the Gaelic festival called Samhain. The Gaelics are the Indo-European ethnolinguistic group from Europe that is identified by their traditions of Celtic language and cultures. As it started out as a simple Christian holiday, Halloween now holds the celebration of the major parts of countries like America, Spain, Brazil and all over the world.

This popular festival tradition is also being followed by DirecTV is because DirecTV is always in the current trend and with the people catching the pulse and vibes since the day that it was launched in America.

As this television band is international it goes around and merges itself with the turn of events and the festive traditions that are happening around and acts as a team player with the people to enhance and make them happy as the channel also rejoices with people with wonderful movies to delight and excite them.

DirecTV Halloween Experience

The tantalizing experience of watching the movie specials in the times with the festive tradition that is going on around the rest of the places, give the viewers the thrill of celebrating the events with the joy of watching movies that are related to them in your homes with your family and loved ones.

Special Halloween Movie

Annabelle which is the doll based horror movie which is the appearance of the conjuring franchise. The plot is covered with the doll possessed by the dominion of the evil spirits returned as a self-titles horror medium that is scaring people with the dark powers and tricks that possess a dominion of the people of the dark arts and the group of ghostbusters who try to help the family that is affected by the domain possession of the doll Annabelle.

These types of movies that are portrayed and aired in the times of Halloween will create a sense of warmth and serious indulgence into the festival of celebration that is provided by DirecTV will make people happy and know the existential power of DirecTV among them.

The presence of DirecTV is to be felt by the people which is why the outbreak of Halloween movies is projected

If you are not already a subscriber of DirecTV and are willing to enjoy the Halloween madness with us, all you need to do is log on to, where you will be asked to present the team with your basic information like your name and email address and in return, you will be receiving a quote with a call for the subscription of DirecTV packages.

The DirecTV television station holds a simple alignment of procedures that you need to follow to get subscribed to DirecTV which are made with ease for the subscriber to feel and experiment. When you receive the quote, you will be receiving the number of packages that are also available with DirecTV which are:

  • Live a little at forty dollars
  • Just right at fifty-five dollars
  • Go big at sixty-five dollars
  • Gotta have it at seventy-five dollars
  • To do Y mas at forty-five dollars

These are the base packages and the best packages that you should subscribe in case of DirecTV or DirecTV Now. Always choose DirecTV Now because it provides the customization of packages and choosing the premium channels and allowing the customers to watch the premium channels at no extra cost for three months that include HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz. These channels are the premium channels that are added to your base pack at the time of subscription at no extra cost for the new subscriber to enjoy the perks of subscribing to DirecTV through ZacXo.

DirecTV Halloween Movies

ZacXo is the officially appointed authorized dealer for DirecTV from whom you can subscribe and get into the movie mania of Halloween by subscribing to DirecTV through ZacXo.

The nail-biting Halloween movies for the dark night festival

DirecTV is now airing few of the Halloween specials on demand in the channels TNT, AMC and HBO at just the range of five to eight dollars per channel and the list  of those movies are as follows:


It is a classic movie that came in nineteen seventy-eight, which is a sequel and a remake of a lot of reboots that was created originally in the past. This movie was about a six-year-old boy named Mike Myers who stabbed his sister with a kitchen knife and was taken into the facilities and he is back after twenty years on Halloween night and threatens to kill the people of the city. This is one of the most basic and classic movies of Halloween which you might have already watched but it is fun to watch again with the josh of the fest eve.

The Exorcist

The other movies that follow the classic are The Exorcist and it is nearly been forty-five years since the exorcist came into the making and started scaring people and it also has a very gory and satanic content that frightens people and is ultimately ready to be watched on a Halloween night.


IT is the new movie, it was released recently and it is one of the recent horror movies where a clown is subjected as the killing material and it is to naturally and terrifically portrayed with the wavy demonstration of Stephen King’s way of unfolding the horror in a mysterious and terrifying manner.

Annabelle and others

Followed by which is Annabelle which is already spoken about, which is about the doll which is demonically possessed and few of the other movies include Friday, the 13 which is a classic horror flick which has a plot of superstitious locals warning a group of teenage counselors not to attempt or reopen a summer curse that is haunting the camp and kills the people followed by which Conjuring 2 was released in 2016 which is a paranormal investigating story of Ed and Lorraine who  go on thrilling missions finding out inhuman spirits that haunt people and rescue the possessed with the power of God from within.

Other Halloween movies include Jeepers Creepers, The Omen, and Carrie which are all three classic horror flicks of most satanic, gory and demonic movies that are to be watched on a scary Halloween night.

DirecTV Halloween Offers

DirecTV is proudly presenting ZacXo to be it’s new authorized and official dealer because any new subscription that is made through ZacXo is worthy of a one hundred and fifty dollar gift card. Subscribe through ZacXo to be part of the international television brand, DirecTV!

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