A Guide about DirecTV Dish Network at Arkansas

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DirecTV packages fill your house with the channels that you desire and the entertainment you love. Enjoy successful shows, movies, sports and more on DirecTV. In addition to an excellent selection of channels, DirecTV dish network offers you the best DVR technology, tons of HD programming and more. Choose from a variety of DirecTV packages and call to order the best for your home!

DirecTV offers combined services that include high-speed Internet, satellite television programming and telephone service for national and local calls. DirecTV uses third-party Internet service providers. Because of this, it does not provide any details about connection speeds or additional functions until you purchase DirecTV’s satellite programming. DirecTV partners with companies that offer everything from cable Internet to telephone access, depending on their location.

Like most other pay-TV providers, DirecTV gives subscribers access to a wide variety of standard and high-definition channels, but it does so through direct-to-satellite(DBS) technology. Unlike most cable companies, DirecTV does not provide telephone or Internet service. However, DirecTV partners with AT&T to offer packages that include telephone and high-speed Internet.

Choose your DirecTV Dish Package

DirecTV packages offer a variety of entertainment possibilities. Take a look at some of the entertainment you can enjoy with DirecTV packages, and click on the number of channels in each package to get a complete list of channels.

Premium Packages

Take pleasure of movies, original series and more in premium movie networks such as HBO, ENCORE, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and STARZ. Each package includes additional channels dedicated to specific topics such as ENCORE Action and HBO Family.

Sports Packages

In addition, with a high-speed Internet connection from AT&T, you can monitor scores, statistics and highlights on your TV. you can also choose from packages that cover baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer and more!

International Packages

With DirecTV, your remote control is your ticket for world-class entertainment. Choose one of the four packages in Spanish or add to your base package with programming from Brazil, China, Russia, Vietnam, Korea or the Philippines.

Business Packages

Create a comfortable and professional environment for your business with DirecTV programming packages. There is a DirecTV business package for all types of businesses, from hotels and dormitories to restaurants and offices.

Exceptional Customer Experience

DirecTV customers enjoy benefits of DirecTV that go beyond excellent programming and features. In addition to its favorite channels, DirecTV also offers a superior customer experience. DirecTV knows that customer satisfaction requires more than what is on the screen. Order today!

Stay Connected with DirecTV bundles

Why stop on the Internet fast when you can request all the services of your home? Add the AT & T phone to get the latest package. You will get a fast and reliable Internet, in addition to the connectivity of a residential telephone. Create your perfect package with options for local and national calling plans. Get more and you can save additionally with a triple play.

Premium Channels with Offers

Classic movies and novelties, famous original series, special sporting events – premium channels offer some of the best entertainment on television. You can also add your preferred premium networks to any of your DirecTV packages.

Order these premium packages with any DirecTV package or get them all included with the PREMIER package:

Do not miss the biggest blockbusters and the original series that everyone is talking about. Get your premium networks on DirecTV!

DirecTV Satellite TV

Take pleasure in endless entertainment with DirecTV satellite TV. DirecTV offers leading entertainment with hundreds of channels and a wide range of packages. The incorporated DirecTV Genie HD DVR records hours of your preferred programs and lets you look at them every time you desire.

In addition, DirecTV now provides NFL Sunday Ticket absolutely free of cost, which offers all NFL games off the market, every Sunday. With so many amusement options, there will for all time be something good to watch on DirecTV. This satellite television service broadcasts more than 35 million customers in the United States and Latin America.

Internet Service Via DirecTV

Since the Internet service you receive via DirecTV is provided by different dealers and retailers, the connection speeds vary. But, for the DirecTV, the average download and upload speed, are 10.5 Mbps, which is faster than most other service providers that are offering Internet. Unfortunately, DirecTV will not give you an estimated connection speed previous to buying a TV package with them.

Each one of the Internet service providers with which DirecTV collaborates offers its own additional functions. The number of email accounts varies by company, as does the amount of email storage that each account has. On the other hand, all Internet service providers working with DirecTV provide Internet security functions and parental controls.

DirecTV Genie

You can make use of the Genie to record up to 200 hrs of HD programming that you can look at each time you desire. Record up to five shows at a time and allow you to watch recorded TV in up to four rooms.

The Genie can record and play programs broadcast in 4K Ultra HD, but you need a TV capable of displaying that quality to watch it. In addition, programs recorded in 4K Ultra HD will take up more space in your DVR than programs recorded in standard HD.

DirecTV application

With the DirecTV application, you have the entertainment of your home in your pocket. You can watch live, recorded and on-demand content on your mobile devices wherever you go. You can even set up your DVR to record remotely and transfer entertainment to your TV from your phone or tablet. So, if you are at work and you realize you forgot to set up the DVR to record the program you want to watch later, you can take out your phone, set up your DVR and forget about it.

Amazon Alexa Integration

You can use your Amazon Echo devices to control your DirecTV decoders. Once you allow DirecTV on your Echo, you can enquire Alexa to play, break, fast forward, rewind or record your shows. You can also make use of voice commands to view an exact channel or navigate through its menu. (This function is not compatible with the HS17 or DirecTV NOW decoders).

DirecTV for Travellers

Watch your favorite show on the lake under the stars. Take more than 185 DirecTV HD channels on the road with a portable plate, like this one from Winegard, and mount it in your RV or boat. This service works in many remote areas. In addition, in some areas, you will even have access to affiliates of ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC in Los Angeles or New York through DirecTV Distant network services.

DirecTV HD Channels

DirecTV Satellite Dish: Delivering your Entertainment

You have chosen your DirecTV package and receiver. You have set up your installation appointment. What’s Next? Obtaining and installing your DirecTV satellite dish by calling 866-573-0924.

After you place your DirecTV order, you will not have to do anything else to start. The whole thing is taken care of for the duration of your installation meeting. Get more information about your new satellite TV service, the equipment, and the installation process. Place your order today and you will be ready to enjoy the first line television service in a short time!

How the DirecTV Satellite Dish Works

Your DirecTV satellite dish is what creates satellite TV probably. When you turn on the TV, the signals on your TV are transmitted from the DirecTV satellite in orbit to your home plate. The signals are transmitted to your receiver and you see the image on the television. Your satellite dish makes this possible!

Fortunately, DirecTV also has a signal reliability rate of 99.9%, so you’ll have a worry-free signal when you’re watching TV. Based on a national study of representative cities.

The placement of your DirecTV satellite dish is extremely important. You will need a clear view of the southern sky to receive your TV signal. When your dish is installed in your home, the installer will make sure that your dish points in the correct direction to receive maximum signal strength.

Your DirecTV Satellite Dish Configuration

Worried about the configuration of your DirecTV satellite dish? You do not have to worry, you will not have to do anything! When you request a DirecTV package, you will schedule a convenient installation appointment. At that time, a professional installer will bring all the necessary equipment (cables, dishes, receivers, remote controls) and will configure everything.

You will have to place your plate on the roof of your house or on a balcony. The only requirement is a clear view of the southern sky, and your installer will make sure of it. If you need more fixes for your dish setup, the installer can take care of that too for an additional custom installation fee.

To keep everything under control and configure without problems, professional installation of your plate is required. The complexity of aligning your plate is better left to the professionals.

Your DirecTV Satellite Dish makes Entertainment Great

You are just a phone call and an installation appointment away from the excellent entertainment. You’ll love the variety of programs, movies, and sports you’ll get with DirecTV. Call to order now and enjoy all the TV you want, delivered directly to your TV from your satellite dish!

What Satellite does DirecTV use?

Satellite communications have become a pillar of everyday life and work. Television broadcasting has greatly benefited from the use of satellite signals, providing continuous service to subscribers around the world.

Technically, a satellite is an object that orbits another object; as when the Moon orbit the Earth, or the Earth orbits the Sun. Both are natural satellites. In the case of television transmission, satellites are specialized machines that receive signals from transmission centers and transmit them to Earth from space. Each one is launched into space and placed 22,200 above the Earth.


They are programmed to track the rotation movement of the Earth so that each one remains in the same position with respect to where it was placed. This is called a geosynchronous orbit pattern, so satellite clients only have to mount and place their discs once, since the transmission will always be done from the same position in space. The receiver box reads the signal received by the dish so that it appears on the TV screen.

They are the parabolic antenna assemblies that we see in so many roofs that transmit and receive the radio signals sent by the satellites. Transmission programming is coordinated by direct providers, such as DirecTV. The selections of programs are determined by the suppliers and sold to the subscribers in packages. All programming is done in digital format for a clearer picture and sound transmission to the subscriber’s televisions.

Source of Programming for Service Providers

The real channels that our TV programs broadcast come from suppliers of programming sources. In a certain sense, they rent these channels to direct service providers, after having acquired the rights to be a source of programming for the content providers of the network. Some of the largest network content providers would be ESPN and HBO.

The initial idea of ​​satellite television came in the form of an article written in “Wireless World Magazine” in 1945 by a scientist named Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke is also recognized for having written the book “2001, A Space Odyssey.” In his article, Clarke presented his idea of ​​placing space platforms within special orbits that coincided with the Earth’s equator. Russia’s space exploration program was the first to follow Clarke’s idea with its launch of Sputnik in 1957.

When the United States launched Explorer I in 1957, they soon realized that these space stations could take advantage of the field Earth’s magnetic radiation belts, located about 22,300 miles above the equator. International private companies started investing in research projects to better understand this discovery. It was not until 1976, that Home Box Office (HBO) really put the idea into practice with the first satellite program aired with “The Thriller from Manila” in 1976.


Satellite communications have become a pillar of everyday life and work. Audiovisual television has benefited greatly from the use of satellite signals, providing continuous service to subscribers around the world. This article will cover how these “eyes in the sky” operate in our world of communication.

DirecTV Satellite Dish

Technically, a satellite is any object that revolves around another object. as when the Moon gives way to the Earth or the Earth turns around the Sun. Both are natural satellites. In the case of television broadcasting, satellites are specialized machines that receive signals from broadcasting centers and retransmit space from them to Earth. Each of them is launched into space and positioned at 22,200 above the Earth.

They are programmed to follow the rotational movement of the Earth so that each of them remains exactly in the same position relative to where it was placed. This is called a geosynchronous orbit model. That’s why satellite customers only need to mount and position their disks once because the broadcast will for all time come from the same space slot. The signal received by the dish is then read by your receiver so that it appears on the television screen.


These are the satellite dish supports we see on so many roofs that transmit and receive the radio signals emitted by the satellites. Broadcast programming is coordinated by direct providers, such as DISH Network and DirecTV. Program selections are vendor-determined and sold to subscribers in bundles. All the programming is done in digital format, which allows a clearer transmission of the image and the sound on the televisions of the subscribers.

The channels that broadcast our television programs come from providers of programming sources. In a sense, they rent these channels to direct service providers, after purchasing the rights to be a source of programming with network content providers. ESPN and HBO are among the most important network content providers.

The original idea of ​​satellite television took the form of an article written in “Wireless World Magazine” in 1945 by a scientist named Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke is also known for writing the book “2001, an odyssey of space”. In his article, Clarke presented his idea of ​​placing space platforms in special orbits that coincided with the Earth’s equator. Russia’s space exploration program was the first to follow Clarke’s idea with the launch of Sputnik in 1957. Shortly thereafter, the United States launched Explorer I in 1957.

Quickly realized that these space stations were able to tap into the Earth’s magnetic field. Radiation belts some 22,300 miles above the equator. International private companies have started to invest in research projects to better understand this discovery. It was only in 1976 that Home Box Office (HBO) materialized this idea in the first broadcast satellite broadcast of “The Thriller from Manila” in 1976.


The broadcast signals are transmitted by a series of satellites positioned in a geosynchronous orbit above the equator line. Each is positioned at a specific longitudinal point in space. The positions of the points determine the signals that the satellites can receive. DirecTV service supplier sells different levels of customer care service to its subscribers. Subscriber packages vary depending on the programming choice and different packages require the use of a certain type of dish.

Subscribers can choose from three types of dishes based on the package purchased and the type of receiver they own. Standard dish sizes which vary from 18 to 36 inches. The parabolic components include a filter, called the Low Noise Blocker Receiver (LNB), which blocks out spurious noise and generates lines that go directly to the receiver. The dishes can be equipped with up to three LNBs and four output lines. A four-output satellite dish can broadcast up to four TV receivers.


Satellite television communications are just one of the means used by satellites. Three types of satellites are currently used.

Research Weather NASA uses search satellites for navigation to study the characteristics of outer space. They measure and record the properties of space related to the magnetic field, celestial objects, and cosmic rays.

Types of Satellite

Meteorological satellites are responsible for the up-to-date information we receive about weather conditions. Cloud cover and atmospheric conditions are monitored and measured and returned to meteorological stations on a continuous basis.

Navigation satellites are what give us the GPS systems used in automobiles. These same systems are also used by military planes and ships to track their positions.

How does DirecTV Satellite Technology Work?

First, unlike earlier satellite communications that relied on a motorized antenna to drive mobile satellites into the sky, modern satellites are placed in a geosynchronous orbit at approximately 37,000 km(22,300 miles). This means that they always remain above the same point on the surface of the earth. In this way, all the satellite dishes on the planet can be directed to a fixed location and the satellite will always be there.

Networks and the number so that the programming cannot be intercepted by users who do not pay. The uplink installation uses a huge 9 to 12-meter wide satellite dish to accurately send a high-intensity signal to the satellite in orbit. The satellite, in turn, converts the signal into another band of that the downlink does not cause interference with the uplink.

Band Range and Receiver Codes

The two most common frequencies used in US satellite television programs are “C-band” (4 to 6 GHz) and “Ku-band” (12 to 18 GHz). After traveling more than 50,000 km and being converted between, the signal that arrives at the receiving dish outside the consumer’s home is rather weak. It is focused by a dish-shaped parabolic dish on a center device called a “feed horn”, which directs the signal to a “low-noise block-down converter” (LNB) that filters unwanted interference and converts it. Sometimes even another frequency before amplifying it and sending it to the satellite receiver inside the house via a coaxial cable. The satellite receiver converts the signal into an analog television, audio or data signal.

The receiver can be equipped to decode the coded signal itself or may require a separate box or a “smart card” plug-in(to the receiver or TV to perform the decoding). Only one receiver can be used a single television or computer, multiple receivers must be purchased to provide the signal to multiple devices, including watching one channel and recording on another. A lot of receivers also include built-in digital video recorders (DVRs), allowing them to rewind and pause live TV, record and store your favorite receivers on a built-in hard drive, and more and more satellite receivers and high-definition digital recorders (HDTVs) are available.

DirecTV Satellite TV Packages

For the most part, the only differences between the plans listed below are the number of channels offered and the prices. Streaming services and the DirecTV HD Genie Recorder can be used with all packages.

Include pay per view features, interactive TV channels, video on demand (VOD) Competition between satellite TV providers and between cable and cable TV providers is fierce. Innovative new features accelerate the pace of invention of satellite technology providers. We can, therefore, expect many more breakthroughs in the near future.

Note that in some cases, prices and availability may vary depending on your service area. Companies like DirecTV sometimes like to test new pricing structures in different markets. Confirm your prices and availability by visiting the DirecTV registration page and entering your postal code

Premium, Sports and International Packages

In addition to the basic packages described above, DirecTV Satellite TV offers a wide variety of additional packages. For example, customers may choose to subscribe to premium networks, such as HBO, for an additional monthly fee. However, if you act today, you can get three free months of HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, and Cinemax.

If you choose to sign up for the CHOICE package ($60/month) or more, you will receive the free NFL 2019 season ticket included. International language packages, including Spanish, Filipino and Vietnamese packages, are also available.

DirecTV NFL Network

Does DirecTV family package include local channels?

  • Technically yes. There is a DirecTV family plan that costs only $ 29.99 per month and includes more than 50 channels.
  • However, this is probably not the best option for most families. That’s because, for $ 5 more per month, you can get DirecTV Select All Included, which includes more than 155 channels(!). Its 100 additional channels, for only $ 5 a month.
  • In the end, it’s up to you to choose the DTV package that’s right for you. To see a list of more than 50 channels included in the family package, visit this page.

Stream live TV on your mobile device or computer

No matter which subscription you subscribe to, you will have access to more than 100 live channels on your phone, tablet, and computer. There are also thousands of titles available upon request. You can even access it when you’re away from home.

DirecTV Online Streaming

Genie: DirecTV HD DVR System

The DirecTV HD DVR system is called Genie. It can be used to record up to five shows at the same time and can store up to 200 hours of HD content. Combined with Genie Minis, which are essentially receivers for the DVR, users have wireless access to their HD DVR from any TV in their range. Other cool features, such as the ability to watch two shows on a single TV at once, are also great … but the average person will probably not use them much.

The Fine Print

Unless you pay special attention when registering for pay television service, chances are you will be faced with at least some unforeseen expenses. This can also be true with DirecTV. Package prices shown are valid for 12 months, but all DirecTV offers require a 24-month contract. So you can expect your monthly bill to increase once the first year of your plan is over. In addition, do not sign up for a 24-month plan with the intention of canceling once your monthly fee has gone up.

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