Connect to Control: DirecTV Universal Remote Control

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How often do you get the chance to be a part of a universal entertainment family? DirecTV is considered more of a family rather than a unit or a group of people working together. This is because of the common goal of making our customers and viewers happy. The name that is held all these years since the launch of the first satellite at a geostationary orbit in the year 1993 is stuck with us all these years as we keep updating ourselves in terms of creativity, innovation, and inventions. What’s new in that? DirecTV Universal remote is the answer to the question that is being asked.

With promotional, seasonal and exclusive offers that blend in with the current event that is happening around the world, be it a sports event or NFL or soccer or literally any event. We combine the event to the trending market creating an offer that the viewers or new customers could not resist. These packages and offers usually contain discounts and trials and offer on the packages and devices that come with the installation kit.

Codes that Specify the DirecTV Universal Remote

Now, DirecTV is a satellite-based dish TV with separate devices that form one wholesome TV experience. This satellite dish TV connection comes with the following parts that are external and has to be extensively installed in order for the entertainment to function and the fun to begin.

A satellite dish antenna, a receiver, a bunch of cables to get the wiring done, a stand for the dish if wall mounting is not an option(in case you’re on a leased property, the owner’s permission is required to mount the wall for the installation of the dish antenna), and finally the universal remote control/genie remote.

This set of devices are important parts of the installation. The DirecTV remote control comes in different model numbers and codes according to the design structure that they are made of. This diversification and number of types in the remote section are because of the different satellites that are placed around the geostationary orbits in space.

The rotation of the earth around the ionosphere with the movement of air to a further kilometer distance catches the radio frequency waves that travel around the bandwidth of the satellite and how much ever data that one satellite can cover.

DirecTV Offers

The universal remote is a device that should be paired with one or two satellites according to the parameters of captured radio frequency signals that revolve around with the ionosphere along with the earth’s rotational cardinal. Hence, the diameters covered by the satellites work around the movement of the earth which revolves around the sun in the morning where events happening on the north side are captured, when it revolves around facing the other side of the sun, when the night comes it probably covers the southern parts of the world thus providing us will the data that is exclusive and controllable according to the customer and viewers choice and preference.

How to Program DirecTV Remote Control

  1. Look up for the code – The model number or code of the universal remote or genie is very important to identify your receiver and satellite connection to get your TV experience programmed and activated. You can find the code of your remote in the left corner of the device. Where it will be printed in bold letters and numbers giving you the visual access to the code.
  2. Get to the code lookup – Get online and do a google search for DirecTV universal remote code lookup where you will be directed to the lookup page with all the remote models listed in the webpage. Some of the model numbers are  DirecTV remote control RC-71, RC-73, RC-64, RC-65, RC-72, RC-71B etc. These model numbers will be in form of links where you have to click on the link after you identify and match your universal remote model number with the universal remote codes.
  3. Click on the link – After you find the universal model number of your remote and match it with the code of the remote, click on the link with your identified code. In case if you are clicking on RC-71, the page will redirect you to another landing page where you will have to add the brand of your TV and the brand of your satellite. Enter your TV brand like Samsung or Panasonic as well as the brand of your satellite dish wherein your programming options will be added and your device will be fairly recognized by your remote control panel.
  4. Unique code – Once you add up your satellite brand and television set brand in the column of the universal remote’s forum, the search will begin to activate and fetch a specific and unique code for the universal remote for the purpose of pairing up your television set with the DirecTV Satellite dish connection. Once you add the television and satellite brand, the search for the unique connection code will begin and it will appear on your computer screen for you to note it down. In case it does not appear, look for deeper searches which are present in the options section of the same lookup page. Scroll around to find a number of options that will further direct you into finding your code.
  5. Access the remoteOnce you have found the code, look for select options on the TV remote and find a menu and click on TV when the dialogue box from clicking the button menu pops up. Then program and tune in to the channels by pressing the menu and mute button together where the green signal will beep twice which means that the television set is in the programming mode. Release the select and mute button when the initiation process starts progressing on your television screen. Then add your unique code to the system and program your television experience using the DirecTV universal remote control.

DirecTV Remote Control

Enjoy the universal TV experience with DirecTV satellite connection and programming your television set with the DirecTV universal remote control to make your day to day life much more entertaining unlimited fun and enjoyment.

The latest and randoms of game shows and reality TV that will give you goosebumps is the ultimate enthusiastic factor that generates millions of people to opt for DirecTV satellite services and DirecTV universal remote control.

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