Feast on the Horror: Celebrate Halloween and Enjoy the Party with DirecTV Movies and Shows

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The tradition of Halloween

Halloween is popularly celebrated across America as a horror-themed party and also paying to respect for the dead like the saints who are Hallows, Martyrs and all the faithful departed. It is hugely trusted that various Halloween traditions have been originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals.

The Ancient Celtic are an Indo-European group from Europe who are ethnolinguistics that is identified by their use of Celtic language and cultural activities. As this popular function is celebrated widely among the people of America, DirecTV is also willing to be a part of the celebration and help the people party even harder.

These festivals are celebrated for three or more days with various rituals for children and adults not only in America but also in many other countries. They are popularly celebrated with costume parties where children and adults dress up in scary and gory costumes to scare themselves off and on.

The parties are just the beginning of the functions and parties, to begin with, but there are also many cultural rituals and traditions followed by both the children and adults like trick or treating which means dressing up in costumes and candy hunting around the neighborhood with their cuteness and adorably scary costumes.

Carved Pumpkins – A Symbol of Halloween

Apart from trick or treating, attending Halloween costume parties are also followed like a tradition among the people which is a huge hit between the celebrations and the mood of hitting the party together, as they celebrate Halloween every month of October. The adults are dressed up in various costumes and gory face masks to playfully scare and frighten each other as they play along and celebrate the festival.

Beauty of Halloween

There are also carvings of pumpkins into Jack O lanterns for a scary and gothic effect which is usually placed in the front of the houses during the Halloween parties as they are lit up in the night, they provide a spooky effect on whoever walks in through the front door of the house.

The lit up pumpkins create playful scariness to scare away children of the neighborhood and it is played as a tradition of Halloween horrors. Playing pranks and divination games on one another is also encouraged and widely popular and played among both the children and the adult as a fun-driven and happy hour. With the Jack O lanterns lit up around the house, it enhances the effect and beauty of Halloween played and celebrated around this time of the year.

Activities that Enhances the Celebration

The beauty of celebration is to entertain the goriest and gothic scene creations and plays by both adults and children to make the children and everyone happy. While these activities are being carried out by the people of almost all the countries, the children are having fun visiting the haunted attractions that are set up the neighboring people they also tell scary stories like things that happened to them in the deep dark woods and cook up more entertainment and spooky content to create the Halloween effect and make it stay.

The Halloween movie specials and television schedules that need to be watched every night and enjoyed by the subscribers of DirecTV

Watching of horror movies are also a part of the tradition of celebrating the Halloween festival which is why DirecTV has been telecasting gory and spooky movies like the Disney’s Monstrous Sequel that is the Halloween special. As the end of October is filled with glory and gothic Halloween stories, DirecTV is also happy to be a part of the entertainment that is widely spread across the country.

DirecTV is the international satellite network providing television station will necessarily adhere to all the requirements and needs of the people who subscribe to it through ZacXo, the official online and authorized dealer of DirecTV appointed by them. If you get connected through ZacXo, that is if you subscribe to DirecTV through ZacXo, you will receive a one hundred and fifty dollars of gift card rewards for subscribing with them.

Halloween Series and Movies

A DirecTV Packages is one to achieve because it is fun-filled and loaded up with channels and television stations that will rightly and justly entertainment you in all ways and turn your dull days into fun and happy ones. No matter how dull or blue your day has become from the morning, when you get home and turn on the television DirecTV will always make you smile with any one of your favorite movies or TV shows being telecasted in the tv for sure. This is a promise made by DirecTV to the people and the subscribers of the same.

Favorite Shows and Series for the Halloween fun

As now, the Halloween is right around the corner and DirecTV has not missed to entertain and make people rejoice in the wonderful movie mania that has been lined up and set up for the subscribers of DirecTV. There are a series of movies to be televised in the DirecTV’s channels guide performance and as usual this year DirecTV is presenting Disney’s Monstober as it is a fan-favored Halloween movie and a popular Halloween movie series.

Disney’s Monstober is a TV series run with three popular Halloween characters running the show with tricks and magic that will entice and tantalize the watchers. As it is a classic, DirecTV is back with a bang of portraying and telecasting Disney’s Monstober shows for their favorite subscribers to enjoy and celebrate Halloween.

Scary Movies for the Thrilling Experience

DirecTV has been active in the Halloween month with movies telecasted from the beginning of the month. From Day one DirecTV’s channel Freeform has been telecasting movies that are slightly related to gothic activities and horror genre.

Movies like Resident Evil, The Night Before Christmas, Paranorman, Hocus Pocus, Disney Pixar’s Monster University, The Silent Night, The Addams Family, Team Spirit, Parent Trap, Zombies, Van Helsing, Monster House, No Escape Room, Maleficent, The Cabin Fever, Warm Bodies have been telecasted in the whole months television experience enhancing the people’s festive mood and helping them to enjoy even more.

DirecTV is such a television experience that is collaged with the current period of times that are trending and actively social in the society.

Because of the blending and collaboration with the current period of times, DirecTV is aware of the festivals and the events that are happening around them, because of this realization of activation within the forms and zones of events happening around them, DirecTV is active and has been able to portray a behavior that is both interactive with the people and helping them achieve the enjoyment on a full form with the movies and entertainment that can be produced with the television station.

What is the television stations normal idea of entertaining people which is different from DirecTV’s ideology of making people happy? DirecTV has got it in mind that entertaining the people around the times of holidays and festivals have been a favorite part of their journey.

DirecTV Festival Offers

As their journey has begun truly with the support of the people and with the new subscriptions from ZacXo and also through other portals like directly logging into DirecTV’s website has been a wonderful experience from all of us here at DirecTV which is why we shower the people with a lot of movies that are related to the Halloween festivities this month.

Celebrate the Festive times with the DirecTV

Halloween is not the only festival that we adhere to, we also provide entertainment based on the seasons that are approaching us like Christmas, Easter, new year and so on. We celebrate along with the people to make sure that they do not miss the part of and the presence of DirecTV at their home during the celebration and festive times.

There have been movies telecasted from day one till October thirty-first. We celebrate and enjoy the Halloween festival through the channels AMC, TNT, Netflix, Freeform and hallmark. All around the month of October from the first till last, Halloween movies have been playing back to back in the channels AMC, TNT, and Freeform.

You could have streamed all of these movies live as they were available on their channels. The story plot of the movies and the relativity of the genre of the movie is directly correlated to the theme of Halloween which entices the people and brings them to the mood of celebrating with DirecTV.

As DirecTV is the people’s channel, it is very insightful and knowledgeable of what the people and the subscribers of DirecTV want and thus it is very naturally efficient in providing the people with movies that are related to the current situation. As the DirecTV satellite television is intelligent and brilliant in terms of telecasting the movies and shows to the people, it is widely popular.

Enjoy your Halloween as the Fabulous Holiday

The movies that are played from the beginning of the month to the end of the month, kindle an effect of Halloween and horror inside the people’s minds and that is where DirecTV marks the victory of creating such a fabulous and victorious holiday. The Halloween festival solely as a Christian holiday separate from the ancient festivals like Samhain and as the years passed by it included trick or treating and carving of Jack O lantern into faces that scare people, telling scary stories and watching horror films on television.

That strategy of watching horror induced movies on Halloween has stuck on the minds of the people and it has been followed as a tradition for years together. DirecTV is of no exception from following the tradition as we follow the traditions very respectfully.

DirecTV Halloween Special

If you need to watch the wonderfully made horror movies and get on with the festive mood with the rest of the DirecTV subscribers, you can directly log on to www.directv.com to subscribe to the network or log on to www.zacxo.com to subscribe through the authorized dealer for watching and catching the latest movies. Subscribe through ZacXo to win a reward of one hundred and fifty dollars, Hurry, subscribe now!

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